“Jay knows his students on a first-name basis…”

I strongly recommend that any person seeking to pass the California bar exam enroll in Personal Bar Prep. Having taken BarBri and then passing with Jay’s course, I can say that Jay’s course provides several key advantages–foremost among these is the interpersonal contact. Unlike BarBri, where students watch lectures through a television screen and have virtually no contact with the staff or instructors, Jay runs his course primarily through small group sessions. Unlike a large commercial bar operation where the students are just a number, Jay knows his students on a first-name basis and does everything he can to ensure that they pass.

In short, if you want to study for the bar by watching a lecturer on a television screen, then you should take a large course like BarBri. However, if you want to take a bar review course taught by a live person who is very knowledgeable and always available to answer your questions, then you should take Personal Bar Prep with Jay Chavkin.

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