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The Small Group California Bar Review Course...we're different

At Personal Bar Prep, we believe that learning happens when students directly interact with the material. The “big box” California bar review courses put students in front of lectures, many of them pre-recorded, for weeks on end and the research on test preparation just doesn’t support this method. When you’re preparing to take the toughest bar exam in the country, you want to study smart because there’s a lot of complex material to cover in a short period of time.

You want a tested approach to your bar review that makes sense.

There’s another way. A better way. Practicing. Working hard, engaging directly with the bar exam essays, the MBEs, the performance tests…and then talking about your answers with others. Getting meaningful feedback. Having your questions answered. Because you will definitely have questions. If you’re a bar exam repeat taker, you know that.

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Personal Bar Prep is not like any other bar review course you’re going to find. We don’t rely on bells and whistles to make up for interaction with an actual person. We actually teach. 

We are a small group California bar review course that centers on twice-weekly intensive, interactive essay writing and MBE workshops, conducted online using Zoom. During these sessions, you’ll work closely with your instructor, experienced bar exam tutor Jay Chavkin, in a small group setting  going over essay and MBE homework and learning strategies in a structured, supportive learning environment.

These small group meetings are what sets Personal Bar Prep apart from other California bar exam review courses. 

You’ll also attend live online lectures focused on just what you need for the bar exam. These are condensed lectures, filled with real-life examples, and our students are always welcome to ask questions. 

During the course, you’ll write lots of practice essays and exams that regularly receive grades and plenty of thoughtful feedback from our graders. 

Perhaps best of all, you can call or email your instructor at any time with questions or just to get some words of support. We keep our enrollment low so we get to know all of our students. You’ll never find yourself alone as you face this challenge. 

We provide everything you’ll need to learn the law, prepare for the exam and practice. All books, flashcards, a schedule to guide your study, unlimited graded essays—it’s all included. Nothing is left to chance. We’ve been preparing students to pass the California bar for 25 years and we can help you, too.

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We've Helped Students Reach Their Goal For 25 Years

Passing the bar exam isn't easy. No great achievement is.

My students are determined. They don't quit. Many of them face enormous odds that threaten their dreams, but they just don't quit.

Every bar exam, I'm excited to see my students overcome obstacles of all kinds and walk into the exam with confidence.

Nothing is more thrilling than the calls on the night of bar exam results from my students excited that they passed, some of them after multiple attempts before. 

I love telling my students that they are a statistic of one. Ignore the rest. You can do this.
Jay Chavkin owner of Personal Bar Prep
Jay Chavkin
Founder and Owner

Our Learning-By-Doing Approach Works

Personal Bar Prep focuses on practice and feedback. You will write bar essays and answer MBE questions weekly for homework then discuss your work in workshops with your instructor. Practice essays you turn in will be returned quickly with thoughtful feedback.

Lectures on all bar exam subjects will be given each weekend. These will cover only what you need to know for the bar exam. And unlike computer-based courses, you’ll be able to ask questions and directly engage with the material. 

Small Group Writing Workshops

Twice a week, you'll meet with your instructor in a small group to discuss essays you've written in depth, covering every subject covered on the bar exam week by week. These sessions are highly interactive. You'll also have your questions about the law answered.

MBE Workshops

The MBEs are 50% of your score so we focus heavily on this part of the exam. You'll attend regular MBE workshops to go over questions on the subject of the week, discussing why the right answer is correct and the others are incorrect. You'll also learn strategies for answering questions.

Live and Online

Studying at home doesn't have to mean recorded lectures and self-study. Our bar review course is held live online using Zoom and includes interactive lectures, essay-writing, MBE and PT workshops. Meeting online maximizes study time—and under present circumstances, is best for social distancing.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

The small classes, I think, are what really helped me pass. The groups were great because they were small and intimate enough so that I felt comfortable asking whatever questions I had. Jay also made himself available for any additional questions that we might not have covered during the group discussion.
california bar review course pass
Nina Hawkinson
University of La Verne School of Law
I am a foreign attorney and I passed Feb 2019 bar exam with Jay Chavkin's help. Jay feels your pain. He does not give you a formula that is supposed to work for everybody. He works with you based on your individual needs and weaknesses. That's what makes his program different from other bar reviews.
california bar review course pass
Ana Takmanesh
Foreign-Educated Attorney - Iran
Jay's knowledge of the California bar exam is first-rate, he cares deeply about his students, is constantly available outside of class by phone and email, and is an excellent teacher. You're in exceedingly competent and thoughtful hands with Jay.
california bar review course student pass
Salvador Perez
Stanford Law School

Some Common Questions...

Session 2 of our Bar Review Course and our Essay Writing Workshop Series for students preparing for the October 2020 bar exam will end on September 23. 

For those considering our bar review course for the February 2021 bar exam course, our course will typically last seven to eight weeks depending on scheduling of lectures. This upcoming course will, obviously, be tailored to the  unique circumstances related to the late results from the October exam. Details will be forthcoming as the State Bar of California releases information.

All necessary materials are sent to you by mail when you enroll and pay your deposit. You receive a small group workbook, essay book, complete and concise outline book and a set of MBE & California subject flashcards.

We give our students a detailed study schedule that guides them through their essay writing assignments, MBE questions and practice performance tests. It has built-in flexibility that allows for work, family and personal health differences. 

Absolutely. We work with many students who work full-time and they’re successful. We do all we can to provide flexibility by offering lectures on weekends and small group workshop sessions at night. While practice is the key to success, we help students prioritize their tasks so those with limited time can maximize those precious hours.

Yes, our business actually began as a private tutoring service and quickly developed into a small group centered bar review course. Jay Chavkin has been a bar exam tutor since 1995 working with students in intensive online sessions. He also offers private tutoring sessions to students enrolled in the bar review course who want extra attention at a discounted rate. Click here for more information.

We offer a payment plan that breaks your tuition into three payments after your deposit. We also take payment by all credit cards, Venmo, Zelle and PayPal. We offer group discounts and a discount for members of the military and veterans. Please inquire for details.

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