The Small Group California Bar Review Course

Personal Bar Prep is the small group California bar review course offering a uniquely personal approach to bar preparation.  We’ve been preparing people to pass the California bar exam since 1995.

At Personal Bar Prep, we believe that learning happens when students directly interact with the material. The “big box” California bar review courses put students in front of lectures for weeks on end and the research on test preparation just doesn’t support this method. When you’re preparing to take the toughest bar exam in the country, you want to study smart because there is a lot of complex material to cover in a short period of time. You want a tested approach to bar review course that makes sense.

Ask yourself: Where is your mind during the average lecture? How engaged are you? How about during hour four…or five…on day three of the week…then day four? And on and on it goes.

There’s another way. A better way. Practicing. Working hard, engaging directly with the bar exam essays, the MBEs, the performance tests…and then talking about your answers with others. Getting your questions answered. Because you will have questions. If you’re a bar exam repeat taker, you know that.

Personal Bar Prep’s bar review course provides live, interactive lectures that focus on just what you need to pass the bar exam; focused, comprehensive materials; MBE and performance test workshops; regular practice exams with personal feedback; and feedback on all the bar essays you’ll write for the course. But most importantly, you’ll participate in twice-weekly small group meetings with experienced bar exam tutor Jay Chavkin, during which you’ll discuss bar exam essays and MBEs in a structured, supportive learning environment.

Read our site. Learn more about us. Call and talk about your questions.  We’re different from other bar review courses. And we will make your passing the California bar exam OUR priority.