You can pass the bar.
An experienced bar exam tutor can help you get there.

Preparing to take the California bar exam is tough enough.

For those with unique challenges, working with an experienced and dedicated bar exam tutor can make all the difference. Jay Chavkin has been helping students like you pass the bar exam since 1995.

Expert Instruction. Completely Personal.

Jay Chavkin of Personal Bar Prep is a California bar exam tutor with an approach to tutoring which has helped hundreds of students succeed and pass the bar exam. Jay works with students much like a personal trainer for the California bar exam. He begins by evaluating a student’s individual challenges and weak areas in writing and knowledge of the law and then tackles them in intensive collaborative sessions. A personalized approach to bar prep along with the supportive environment that a private bar exam tutor provides can be the difference between an exercise in frustration versus a journey towards success. 

Jay is available during the entire bar review session by phone and email, at any time, to answer students’ questions and provide support, whether it’s a word of encouragement or a kickstart of motivation to get back to work when things get tough.

Schedules are arranged based upon student needs and availability. All necessary books and study materials are included–and you are welcome to attend our bar review course lectures all of which are streamed live online using Zoom.

We Can Help You, Too

Jay Chavkin has worked with hundreds of students over the past nearly 25 years and has extensive experience helping people with a wide range of issues leading them to a private bar exam tutor:

  • Multiple repeat takers of the exam
  • Foreign-educated attorneys and LLM students
  • Graduates from out-of-state law schools
  • Those out of law school for an extended period
  • Students with learning disabilities
  • Students with physical or mental illness that affects their studies
  • Individuals with test anxiety

Close To Home—Wherever You Are

Personal Bar Prep's bar exam tutoring is offered online so you'll be studying from the comfort of your own home. Jay has tutored students studying for the California Bar Exam from all over the United States to as far away as Colombia, Japan and the UK.

You can easily send your bar exam essays by email and all tutoring sessions take place using Zoom, with or without video depending on student preference. Phone or FaceTime tutoring are also available. Any time lost due to unforeseen technology problems is always made up.

Flexibility is Our Policy

We work with your schedule to assure maximum efficiency of our time together. If you are working while preparing for the bar exam, we will work around your work hours–evening and weekend time slots are available. With sufficient notice, a missed scheduled session may be made up.

We also work with your budget with flexible price structures depending on your individual needs. We have payment plans and discounts for payments by check and cash. It’s our goal to make working with a bar exam tutor within reach.

Students with Disabilities

Jay has worked successfully with students with a broad range of learning disabilities and other conditions, helping them to tackle the challenges they face with a positive, patient and structured approach. He is an approved vendor for the state Department of Rehabilitation as a bar review provider and bar exam tutor.

As a bar exam tutor, he has helped students pass the bar while dealing with issues including:

  • Dyslexia
  • Attention Deficit Disorder / ADD
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder / ADHD
  • Specific Learning Disability
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

Multiple Repeat Takers

Jay has helped hundreds of repeat exam takers as a bar exam tutor, leading them to progress from a feeling of frustration to one of confidence. Many of his students have taken the bar exam three and four times before his program–some even more–and then finally succeeded with a personalized course of study that private bar tutoring provides.

california bar exam tutor student

If you want someone to work with you on your specific weak
points, to give you
personalized feedback on all of your work as you prepare, Jay will provide a structured study program that is tailored to your needs and will guide your progress every step of the way.

A private bar exam tutor gives you another advantage–someone who is going to care personally about your progress and provide not just the answers you need, but the encouragement that will help keep you motivated and focused. This is your time!

Want to get started on your journey towards success on the bar exam?

Talk to Jay soon to discuss your individual needs and how he can help. Space is very limited so don’t delay.