Our Bar Review Course

bar review course studentsPersonal Bar Prep’s bar review course takes a unique approach to preparing for success on the California bar exam:

Our bar review course is based on a philosophy of learning-by-doing.  This philosophy gives rise to a personalized approach to preparing our students for the bar exam. Practice + Feedback + Focused Knowledge + Encouragement = Success.  Here’s how it all breaks down:

The Heart of the Bar Review Course:  Small Group Meetings

  • These small group meetings will form the heart of your personal bar review course
  • Groups will be no larger than twelve students
  • Your group will be led by Jay Chavkin, Esq.bar exam tutor and lecturer with over 20 years of experience working with students preparing for the California bar exam
  • Twice a week, you will review assigned practice bar essays, discussing them in tremendous detail, as well as dissecting multiple choice questions together
  • All of your questions about the law will be answered during these small group sessions—something that can’t be said for large-scale bar review courses
  • Any questions that may arise during the week can be addressed in emails to Jay and will be answered promptly

Building a Strong Foundation: Substantive Lectures and Materials

  • You will attend fourteen substantive bar lectures in seven sessions
  • All lectures will be live and will also be available real-time by interactive stream online
  • Each lecture handles all the law you need to know on each subject for the California bar exam and nothing more
  • You won’t find any large lecture halls where you sit anonymously—the full group for the session is relatively small
  • Questions are welcomed if you need further clarification during the lecture
  • All necessary outline books, practice bar essay exam question books, a performance test workbook, and a small group workbook with all essay and MBE question homework assignments are included in our bar review course.

The Key to Passing the Bar Exam: Learning By Doing

  • Writing practice essays, dissecting and discussing them are the core of the program—by doing this throughout the bar review course, you will have an understanding of the patterns of exam questions utilized by the bar and be ready for them come exam time
  • Full-group writing workshops will teach you how to prepare essays, step by step, that will satisfy bar graders
  • Five essay exams will be given under true bar exam conditions—and afterwards, you’ll receive extensive feedback on your essays
  • Full-group performance test workshops that will teach you the ins and outs of preparing effectively for this portion of the California bar exam, then you’ll take five performance tests that allow you to experience the conditions, assess your readiness and give you the practice you need to fully prepare you for the bar exam
  • Full-group MBE workshops that cover how to answer the questions, discussing not just which answer is correct, but why the other answers are incorrect
  • Four MBE exams are given under true bar exam conditions to fully prepare for this portion of the exam

For Those Seeking a Bar Exam Tutor: Private Tutoring

  • Some students may benefit from the additional personal attention of a bar exam tutor, either exclusively or as a supplement to the Personal Bar Prep course. If you have an interest in these services, see our bar exam tutoring page.

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