Our California Bar Exam Review Course

A Comprehensive Live Online Course with a Small Group Approach

Learning By Doing is Our Philosophy

Practice is the research-proven best method for test prep
so the heart of our program is practice, practice and more practice

A 2013 research paper summarizing 400 studies on methods of test preparation concluded that the most effective way to prepare for an exam, by far, is practicing. This includes taking practice tests, writing practice essays, and self-quizzing with flashcards. We assign over 50 essays for small group discussion or grading, have our students answer 1000’s of MBE questions, and administer practice essay and performance tests for grading and feedback. We also give our students a set of flashcards including all California bar exam topics and a method for self-quizzing. It’s not the easy way to prepare, but it’s the most effective.

California bar review prep course

Live Online Workshops Twice a Week, Every Week

Your small group of no more than 14 students will meet twice a week for intensive, interactive meetings covering essays you've written for homework and MBE questions. Everyone participates. Everyone has their questions answered. It's the most valuable bar prep experience you'll find offered.

Ask Questions During a Lecture? Really!

If you're taking an online bar review course, you're usually limited to recorded lectures. At Personal Bar Prep, our lectures are live online and students can ask questions. Of course, if you must miss a lecture or want a review later, they are recorded. But our mission is to help our students master the law for the bar exam so if you're confused or unsure, just ask.

29 Years of Experience

Jay Chavkin helps students pass the bar exam no matter what challenges they face

Since 1995, Jay Chavkin has developed strategies and approaches to bar prep that have helped 1000’s of students pass the bar exam, working successfully with students dealing with a broad range of challenges:

  • Multiple repeat takers 
  • Graduates from out of state law schools 
  • Foreign-educated attorneys
  • Those out of law school for an extended period
  • Students with learning disabilities
california bar exam tutor
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