Welcome to Personal Bar Prep

Date of First Meeting:  Saturday, June 6

At the first meeting, you will:

  • Participate in the course orientation
  • Hear the first lecture on Contracts

Lectures and Small Group Workshops ONLINE

Personal Bar Prep will hold all lectures, small group meetings and workshops online via Zoom for the upcoming session. All students will be able to participate and interact fully. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom and want a brief orientation, let us know.

Meeting Schedule

Our meeting schedule contains information about all scheduled lectures; small group essay writing, MBE and performance test workshops; and mock exams. You will receive the full schedule when you enroll. All meetings will also be recorded on Zoom and will be available to all enrolled students.

Small Group Sessions

Personal Bar Prep’s small group workshop sessions are held two times a week for eleven weeks of the bar review course. Your specific meeting time will be the same each week and will be arranged based upon your availability considering work, family and health-related commitments. We do our best to be as flexible as possible in scheduling.

Books and Materials

All books and materials are sent out to you as soon as you are enrolled in the course. We use US Priority Mail and mail materials within 24 hours of your enrollment excluding Sundays. Most people receive their package within 3 working days, however due to current conditions, sometimes unforeseen delays occur so please be patient.


We communicate important course information to you through email often. Please give us an email address you check regularly. After you enroll, we send you a welcome email with vital information and digital study materials.

If you do not receive it within 24 hours, please check your junk mail or spam folders first—some students have had a problem with our emails landing there. After checking there and you still haven’t received this welcome email, then let us know.

When you receive emails from us, they will typically come from our office manager, Katie. Please contact her with your concerns about the course materials, meeting times, payment or technology questions. Emails regarding questions about law, assignments, grading concerns or personal issues, direct those emails to Jay.

Early Bird Program & Meetings

We are offering students who enroll early an early bird program of study. This program is not mandatory, but it does offer students a chance to get a jump start on their preparation and make good use of the extended time available before the course officially begins. The work of the program will involve essay writing exercises and once a week Zoom meetings with Jay to go over your work with other students in the early bird program. There is no additional charge if you choose to participate.


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