Common Questions About Personal Bar Prep…

Do you charge extra for the small group meetings? How about the grading of my essays? Or emailing and calling the instructor with questions? Other programs do.

No! There are no hidden costs at Personal Bar Prep. We do not have a complicated pricing structure–no gold or platinum levels, no add-ons for small group meetings or graded essays. Our program includes, and always has included, small group meetings, graded essays, and direct, unlimited personal access to your instructor in addition to all lectures, practice exams and necessary materials.

Can I enroll if I can’t attend the bar review course in person?

Yes, you can! We have many students that participate in our lectures and small groups from a distance and this format works. Our results with distance students are just as successful as our in-person students. We have worked with students throughout the state of California to as far away as Tokyo, Japan. Distance students participate interactively through GoToMeeting.com and have full phone and email access to the instructor just as any other student. You can even ask questions during the lecture! Please ask us if you’re interested.

Do you offer private bar exam tutoring?

Yes. Private bar exam tutoring is available both exclusively and as a supplement to the full bar review course. While tutoring is not for everyone, it can be helpful for students that learn best in a one-on-one situation, students with learning disabilities, multiple repeaters with very specific problems to address and those struggling with anxiety. Please click here for more information or call 213-985-1977 for additional information.

How can I reserve a spot in one of your upcoming bar review sessions?

You can reserve your spot in any upcoming bar review course or private bar exam tutoring program with a $500 nonrefundable deposit payable through credit card or check. Your spot will be reserved at the present price for the course, regardless of how far in advance you enroll.

I already paid a deposit elsewhere. I don’t think I can afford two deposits, but I want to sign up. Can you help?

We offer a credit for the deposits of most big name bar review companies with proof of deposit in the form of receipt and apply this amount to your course fee with Personal Bar Prep. Some limitations apply. Please call us for details.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes! If you sign up in a group of three or more, we offer a discount to all group members. We also make accommodations for all group members to be placed together in a small group for the session if you would all like to work together.

Enroll in one of the Upcoming Bar Review Courses of Personal Bar Prep

If you are interested in enrolling in one of the upcoming bar review sessions, call us today at (213) 985-1977.

You may also fill out the form here and ask your enrollment questions, and Jay Chavkin will be happy to contact you to help you secure your spot with a $500 non-refundable deposit. Thank you for your interest in enrolling in Personal Bar Prep today!

Bar Review Session for Enrollment

Please indicate where you attended law school, how you found out about our program, if you were referred by a specific individual, and if you are enrolling as part of a group. Feel free to share any comments or questions.