A Note to Repeat Takers

First, Don’t Lose Heart…

If you’re looking at taking the upcoming California bar exam, this may be your second time, but possibly more. You may be feeling frustrated, disappointed, maybe a little disheartened.

First of all, don’t lose heart. You are still in the game. You had the brains and stamina to get through law school so you’ve got what it takes to pass the bar exam. What’s been missing is a winning plan to pass the exam…that’s it. No statistics need to worry you. You are a statistic of one. It’s still just you vs. the bar exam. Just like before.

Only this time, you can decide to do things differently. Study smarter. Get the support you need. Read on to learn about a bar prep course that offers a program for repeaters that does things differently.

Study Smart…

At Personal Bar Prep, you’ll get concise, live, interactive lectures. We’ll cover the law you need to know to pass the bar, not a full-on law school review. Have questions? You’ll have them answered. Can’t make it to a lecture? You can catch it on the web, streamed live.

The heart of our bar review course will help your studies most. Personal Bar Prep’s small groups meet twice a week. Your small group will have no more than 10 members and you’ll work intensively to review the essays and MBEs you’ve been practicing. Have more questions? Those will be answered, too. You will learn as you write, as you talk, as you think the answers through.

Get Support…

Your small group meetings will provide the support and accountability you need during an incredibly stressful time. There’s no crowd to get lost in at Personal Bar Prep.

Personal Bar Prep’s director, Jay Chavkin, a bar exam tutor with over 20 years of experience, will be your bar coach, available to answer questions, provide support and will counsel you on study strategies whenever necessary.

Make It Affordable…

You might be surprised to find that we provide lectures, all books and materials AND small group meetings twice a week…and graded essays with meaningful feedback, too…all for a price below many other less comprehensive bar review courses.

For some repeat takers, a bar exam tutor is the solution. Jay Chavkin can provide a targeted, intensive program of study that has helped many repeaters pass the bar exam with confidence.

Call (213) 985-1977 to discuss your results and how Personal Bar Prep can give you the tools you need to pass the California bar exam next time. We can help.