Small Group Bar Review Course Session
& Bar Essay Writing Workshop Series for the
October 2020 California Bar Exam

Personal Bar Prep is offering a second session of our live online Small Group Bar Review Course and
a live online twice-weekly Essay Writing Workshop Series starting in August.

Bar Review Course Session

 The bar review course is live and online. The course is currently running and ends September 23. Students who enroll now can still catch up on any missed meetings. The course will cover all aspects of the California Exam: MBEs, Essays and Performance Tests. The course includes lectures on all bar exam subjects, MBE workshops and twice-weekly small group bar essay workshops.

  • Course Opens with Lectures and MBE Workshops on Saturdays with Extensive MBE study and homework during the week
  • Beginning August 17: Small Group Essay Workshops Twice a Week
  • Extensive essay practice with feedback and essay homework; guided study of the law
  • Performance Test Workshop TBA
  • All books, flashcards, detailed schedules and access to recorded lectures included
  • Call or email your instructor with questions or for support when you need it
  • All live meetings are held on Zoom

The MBE workshops will cover all subjects in depth, discussing questions in interactive sessions to build understanding of how to know why the correct answer is right and why the incorrect answers are wrong. This process also builds knowledge of the law needed for the exam.

The small group writing workshops are intensive, interactive meetings guided by your instructor, Jay Chavkin, which will cover all bar exam subjects. You’ll write essays for homework and those essays will be discussed and dissected to find patterns and you’ll come away understanding exactly how to craft a passing essay on every subject.

You will be encouraged to write additional essays to turn in for grades and feedback and any time you have questions or need encouragement, your instructor is just a phone call, email or text away.

Please call for a more in-depth discussion of how the course works and how it can address your specific issues in bar prep. 

Bar Essay Writing Workshop Series

The bar essay writing workshops begin Monday, August 17 and ends Wednesday, September 23. All subjects on the California Bar Exam will be covered. Early sign-ups will have access to weekly Zoom meetings and can turn in unlimited bar essays for grades and comments between sign-up and our first class meeting. We supply all bar essay questions.

  • 6 Week Series: Small Group Bar Essay Workshops Twice a Week
  • Extensive bar essay practice with feedback and essay homework
  • Unlimited grading of essays with feedback
  • All books included
  • Call or email your instructor with questions or for support
  • EARLY SIGN-UPS: Weekly Zoom meetings to field questions and ability to turn in essays you write for grades and comments. Essay questions will be provided.
  • All live meetings are held on Zoom

This course is geared specifically towards students who have been studying for the July 2020 bar exam and feel they need more—more feedback, more practice, more attention to their essay writing—because what they’ve been doing just isn’t providing enough. It will also work well for students who have  a plan for their MBE study and just want a strong program to provide guidance on their essays.

We will be meeting with you twice a week beginning Monday, August 17th in small groups to intensively work on essays for every subject on the bar. You’ll turn in essays for grades and feedback, and you’ll have access to your instructor, Jay Chavkin, by email or phone for questions whenever you need it.

Please call soon as this course will have limited enrollment to allow us to provide the most personal attention to our students.

It's not too late to fit in a bar prep course or give in-depth attention
to your essay writing skills.
Contact us soon as space is limited.