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Personal Bar Prep is the small group bar review course for the California bar exam and we’ve been working with repeat bar exam takers since 1995. We limit our enrollment and work with our students in small groups so we can really get to know our students. We have a learn-by-doing approach to bar prep that is unique and it works where others have failed. Give us a call to talk over your scores and let’s get you on track to passing. We will evaluate your scores on all sections of the bar and help you determine what they mean. We’ll also discuss how the interpretation of your scores can translate into a meaningful plan of attack in preparing for the next exam.

At Personal Bar Prep, our mission is simple:

  • Teach what students need to know for the bar exam.
  • Have students practice and get regular feedback.
  • Be available to answer questions and provide support.

It all comes together in our comprehensive bar prep course–a combination of lectures, small group meetings, a performance test workshop and an intensive 4-day MBE workshop along with all the materials and study schedules you’ll need to succeed. Students have access to the instructor whenever they need it and feedback on any essays written during the course.

Big box bar review courses can’t provide this level of personal attention. And they don’t have the results with repeat takers that we do.

Contact us for more information. Enrollment is limited and classes are filling quickly.

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