Personal Bar Prep Testimonials

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“Dedicates himself to his students and gives each one lots of personal attention.”

Jay Chavkin is to bar prep what The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, is to dog training. Jay is a gifted teacher, able to demand your best without discouraging you. He dedicates himself to his students and gives each one lots of personal attention.

Jay has students write essays on actual bar exam questions. You learn black letter law as you write so you retain it better. Next, Jay grades at least one of your essays each week, scoring you as hard as the bar exam will. Then, Jay critiques your essay in front of your peers during the small group portion of the course. Believe me, THAT’S motivation not to slack off. By the time I took the bar, I had written essays on 52 actual bar exam questions. The real bar exam actually seemed pretty easy because I had already spotted and discussed just about every type of fact pattern the bar uses to test various subjects.

I passed, thanks in very large part to Jay. Thank you, Jay, for believing in me.

Elisabeth Main – University of West Los Angeles School of Law

“Your material, small group sessions and lectures really made the difference for me.”

I just really wanted to thank you! I think you put together a fantastic course. Your material, small group sessions and lectures really made the difference for me. Particularly your small group sessions and your emphasis on writing the essays over and over again. I benefited tremendously from recognizing not only patterns in bar questions, but patterns in answers. I listened to your advice and did not prepare any outlines and did everything you told me to do…and well, it worked. Thank you, thank you Jay!

Amber Acuna – Southwestern Law School

“Made me believe that with hard work, I COULD do it.”

As a repeat taker holding down a full-time job, I did not have much confidence in passing the California bar exam. I remember sitting in the first group meeting wondering how I could pass this most dreaded exam by merely talking about it. However, through those thought-provoking questions, you not only taught me how to identify the issues, apply legal principles to facts and write the essays in bar exam format, but also made me believe that with hard work, I COULD do it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me on my path towards a rewarding legal career. Not a single day in the office goes by when I don’t apply something I learned from you in my practice.

Roland Au – University of West Los Angeles School of Law

“The small groups were invaluable.”

I am so glad that I participated in the Personal Bar Prep program. Jay is a wealth of information and he has a way of explaining the law that makes you just “get it.” The small groups were invaluable. I did not live in the Los Angeles area so I participated in meetings via telephone. Even though I wasn’t physically present, I felt completely involved. Jay made sure to keep me on my toes by asking many questions and welcoming mine. I felt more involved in the small group discussions than I have in any other small group gathering.

I would sincerely recommend this program to anyone, especially to those who are questioning whether it works even if you aren’t able to be present at the meetings and lectures. It does work!

Jay, thank you for believing in me!

Brianne Doyle – Lincoln Law School of Sacramento

“I am pleased to say I passed the bar the first time thanks to Jay!”

As a law student with a learning disability, I process academic information differently than your average law student. I realized early on that in order to pass the bar I would need a more personalized bar prep course than what is traditionally offered. Academically, what works for many of my friends and colleagues does not work for me. In particular, it takes me about twice as long to get through material than my colleagues.

The style of Jay’s technique gave me ample time to absorb the material in a small and intimate setting where all my questions could be addressed. Furthermore, Jay only teaches you what you need to know for the bar and cuts out all the excessive details that I didn’t have time to learn. I am pleased to say I passed the bar the first time thanks to Jay!

Josh Passman – Southwestern Law School

“Jay is the most effective and experienced bar exam teacher you will find.”

Jay and his staff are masters at their craft, that craft being the preparation for the notoriously difficult CA Bar Exam. If you are going to attempt this test, it is of the utmost importance that you avail yourself of the best tools available. Jay can provide you with those tools. Yes, it will be a lot of hard work, and yes, Jay will give you that push when needed, but by the time the exam rolls around you will be ready. I found the program’s price to be fair considering the amount of personal attention that Jay provides. He will dedicate himself to you for 10 weeks and will quickly identify any deficiencies in studying that may be slowing your progress. Jay’s small group discussions and immediate feedback were really just what I needed.

I took the February 2019 Bar and passed while working a full-time job. While I didn’t sleep too much during my preparation period, I felt as confident as possible on test day after finishing and reviewing over 70 practice essays and 2,500 MBEs under Jay’s tutelage. I know my success would not have been possible without Jay’s program and guidance. Jay is the most effective and experienced bar exam teacher you will find. No need to look elsewhere.

Marco Garbero – Suffolk Law School, Boston MA

“Thanks again for your support and guidance.”

I have great news to share with you–I passed! I want to thank you for guiding me through the process, for your suggestions, for clearing up a lot of confusion, for showing me the right way to study (practice, practice, practice!) and for keeping me motivated and on track. Your lectures and especially small group sessions and your ability to explain things in a way that made it easier to understand even the most difficult concepts were invaluable. And while it was against my nature not to read the outlines, I’m glad I listened to you and wrote the essays and practiced the MBEs as much as I hated all that work.

Thanks again for your support and guidance.

Dominika Hammond – University of West Los Angeles School of Law

“Jay knows his students on a first-name basis…”

I strongly recommend that any person seeking to pass the California bar exam enroll in Personal Bar Prep. Having taken BarBri and then passing with Jay’s course, I can say that Jay’s course provides several key advantages–foremost among these is the interpersonal contact. Unlike BarBri, where students watch lectures through a television screen and have virtually no contact with the staff or instructors, Jay runs his course primarily through small group sessions. Unlike a large commercial bar operation where the students are just a number, Jay knows his students on a first-name basis and does everything he can to ensure that they pass.

In short, if you want to study for the bar by watching a lecturer on a television screen, then you should take a large course like BarBri. However, if you want to take a bar review course taught by a live person who is very knowledgeable and always available to answer your questions, then you should take Personal Bar Prep with Jay Chavkin.

Brent Newhouse – Michigan State University College of Law

“Jay does not make it easy, but if you do what he asks, you pass.”

Hands down, Jay is the voice of reason in the chaotic world of California bar review. Jay does not make it easy, but if you do what he asks, you pass. I was a mediocre law school student, but passed the bar on the first attempt with Jay’s program. Thanks again, Jay!

J. J. Howell – Southwestern Law School

“Jay was the best you could hope for in a California bar prep professor.”

After having taken the bar three times, using three different prep methods, I can honestly say that Jay’s Personal Bar Prep really has everything a student needs to help them pass the bar the first time around. Personal Bar Prep offers both the large lecture classes as well as the small classroom setting that pushes you to not only do the work, but to do your best.

The small classes, I think, are what really helped me pass. The groups were great because they were small and intimate enough so that I felt comfortable asking whatever questions I had. Jay also made himself available after class for any additional questions that we might not have covered during the group discussion. The work associated with the small groups was a lot, but in all honesty it got me to do what I needed to pass the bar. Lots of essays and practice MBE’s, all of which were graded and handed back to us within days.

Jay was the best you could hope for in a bar prep professor. He makes it personal for every individual in his class. Jay really makes you feel like you can pass the exam, even when you think it’s impossible. I think that was probably the most important thing for me – because when I was fatigued and felt like the biggest failure in the world, he wouldn’t give up. He would push me and prod me and pep me up when I needed it. I really couldn’t have done it without him.

Nina Hawkinson – University of La Verne College of Law